• Website Design and Hosting

    We build responsive websites that look great on any desktop, smartphone or any other device in between. Whether you need a simple one-page website to advertise your business or a full-blown e-Commerce site to sell your products and services, Aptech Mobile Solutions will design a site that exceeds your expectations. If you need hosting, domain registration, basic SEO services or search engine registration, we can take care of that for you as well.

  • Basic PC Maintenance / Upgrades

    Like just about any high-tech device, PC’s and servers need regular maintenance and updates done to keep them operating at their peek performance. We will make sure your operating system has the most up-to-date security updates and service packs installed and that your Anti-Virus software is current to protect your computers from the latest Viruses and Malware trying to exploit them. We can also upgrade your PC’s memory or add a new hard drive to get the most out of your equipment investment. If you are replacing an old PC with a newer system, we can transfer the data from your old system to the new one for you.

  • Remote Backup & Support Services

    Backing up your critical business data is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. If the hard drive on your file server or primary PC were to crash and you had no good backup, what would you do? Everyone knows the importance of backing up your critical business files, but things happen. Even if you had a backup, what if a storm hit your building and destroyed your computers? What if your building burned down in a fire? Losing data such as your customer and order information could set you back weeks or even months if it had to be recovered manually. That’s why Remote Cloud Backup of your critical business data is so important. Using state-of-the-art software and AES-256 encryption, your important data will be safe and secure offsite whenever you need it.

    Sometimes an onsite visit is required to take care of a PC or server issue. If that is the case, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to minimize any disruption of your normal business routine. However, there are many issues such as Virus and Trojan removal, software installation and general configuration issues that can be handled remotely from our office. With your permission, we can remote into your PC or server and take care of just about any issue as if we were sitting in front of the computer. This often results in a more timely resolution to the issue so you can get back to the business at hand.

  • Data Conversion Services

    Switching from one software application to another can often be a real pain. Not only to do you and your employees have to learn how to use the new application, but many times you want to import your data from the old application to the new one only to find out the software has no feature to do that. This means one or more of your employees may have to spend hours, days or even weeks re-keying data into the new application. Not only can this be a real tedious and frustrating task, but it takes you away from your normal business activities. Let our expert programmers build a data conversion solution for you. We can write a software program to automate the entire process for you and save you the time and headaches often associated with such a conversion.

  • Audio / Video Production

    If you’re not using video in your product promotions and marketing campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. Simple words and pictures just don’t get it in today’s world. Advertising on TV can be very expensive and often out-of-reach for many small business budgets. But video advertising on Youtube, Facebook or your own website can be a cost-effective way to get your product or service in front of millions of mobile users. Let Aptech Mobile Solutions create a professional video ad for your product or service that will get noticed.

  • Wi-Fi Network Setup / Configuration

    Need to set up or expand your network using Wi-Fi. We can set up and configure your network for you. We can supply the equipment or use equipment you have already purchased. We’ll make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure from unauthorized use and configured to provide coverage for your entire office. If you need a large hard-wired network where running Cat-5/Cat-6 cable must be run, we would be happy to make a bid for the job based on the number of drops (connections) required.

  • Mobile Marketing Solutions

    With sales of goods and services made through mobile devices increasing each and every year, your marketing efforts must be targeting those buyers. Your business must have a mobile enabled website or landing page in order for people to find you on their smartphone or tablet. We can design a mobile site, landing page or mobile app that will get you leads and help turn those leads into customers.

  • Custom Software Development

    All businesses are dependent on computers in one way or another. Whether it’s to keep track of your inventory, pay your employees or manage your customer relationships, computers are a necessary piece of equipment. Not too many years ago, everything revolved around the hardware. But that’s no longer the case. It’s the software that runs on the computer that enables you to do your work. Normally, most businesses can buy the software they need to run their business right off the shelf of the local office supply store or online from a vendor. Examples of this would be QuickBooks for your accounting needs or Microsoft Office for creating documents and spreadsheets.

    There may be times however, when you have a need for software that can’t be found off-the-shelf. An example of this may be that you want to automate a manual procedure that requires one of your employees to perform some repetitive task on their computer. You may not find software off-the-shelf to do this, but we can create a software application to do it for you.

    Our programmers use the latest development tools and industry best practices to design and develop custom software applications to meet your specific requirements. We specialize in developing software for the Microsoft Windows operating systems using the Microsoft .Net Framework (ASP .Net, C#, C++ and Visual Basic .Net).  Let Aptech Mobile Solutions be your Independent Software Vendor (ISV).  We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. To schedule an appointment, just give us a call or send us a message through our Contact Us Page.